Washable Breast pad starter pack

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This starter pack includes 3 sets of night times pads and 7 pairs of normal daytime pads!

These pads have been carefully designed and constructed using only the best quality locally sourced materials and thoroughly tested to get the best possible protection!

Normal/Daytime pads have a 12cm diameter and consist of 4 layers including a bamboo core, a water proof layer to prevent leaks and pretty soft cotton top which goes against the breast.
Bamboo was chosen as it is one of the most absorbent fabrics which wicks moisture away from the breast which leaves you feeling drier for longer!
Bamboo is also breathable with antibacterial proprieties.

Night time pads have a 15cm diameter and have 5 layers for that extra protection overnight!

These pads are pre stitched for perfect shape and professionally overlocked using a soft nylon thread.

My pads have been designed to be non-stick and for no patterns show through your bra, plain white pairs are also available in my store.

All fabrics have been pre washed to help reduce shrinkage and boost absorbency and they are ready to use straight out of the packet.

Your pads should be changed just as frequently as disposables to keep your skin dry and healthy.

Washing instructions included in your package.